DVD Burning Question

Hello Everyone,

I just got into burning some movies ive downloaded I do not know too much about burning cds/dvds so im looking for help if everyone can help I really need it. Alright ive been using Roxio Easy Media Creator Basic DVD Home and it keeps messing up when I go to DVD to burn the movie files I have downloaded. I was also using Nero Express 2 but it takes over 4-5 hours to convert from avi to mpeg then burn etc… I think thats crazy for 1 movie, Im wanting to get some of these movie files off my computer can someone please tell me a fast and easy way to do this please? I have a buncha avi movies that needs to get off my computer so im in need of help badly :frowning: I tried using the Roxio Software and burning as a VCD or SVCD but that doesnt even work so I appreciate the help!

burning some movies ive downloaded…

Welcome to the forums but part of the forum rules states that it does not endorse people who using illegal means of acquiring their media i.e. downloaded movies off bitorrent, kazaa…etc. Therefore, you will not find much help here in regards to that.

If, however, you are making back up copies of DVDs that you already own then we can help you there.

Ok can an admin delete this or can a moderator do it for me please, I will just start new threads. Sorry about the warez question it will not happen again, Thank You for the reminder!