Dvd burning question



ok so here goes

question 1 : i have these clips of files of videos i want to put on a DVD … using Clonedvd and Anydvd software … i am wondering if this can be done and then used in a dvd player … i dont know if any kind of file conversion has to be played or what

question 2 : then also, say my dvd player supports mp3 or plays music cds like most every dvd player does … is it possible to fill a dvd+r disc with mp3s and be able to play them all on a dvd player providing that it does

if anyone can help me or direct me to some help i would appreciate it … i also have NERO if that is the program that needs to be used here or not

thanks for anything and if you need more details of what im doing please respond

  1. Clone and Any DVD are ripping and transcoding apps. You’ll need a premastering/authoring app, Nero Vision express would be best suited to this task. It can convert your avi/divx/vcd/svcd clips to DVD, create menus etc…
  2. This question was answered in a the thread below- only if your DVD player supports MP3 on DVD.


thanks for the response, i take it NERO VISION is an add-on to nero right?


Yea, I’m guessing you dont have it? I’m pretty sure you can download a trial.


nevermind i see that i need to download 6.6 and updates 1 and 2 for nerovision express 3 i assume is what your talking about … thanks!