DVD Burning programs


I am new to burning and came across the Ashampoo Burning Studio program. Is this a reliable program to use? I’m trying to find a good program that doesn’t use up too much space on my computer. Thanks.

One of the best is ImgBurn; also very good is cd-dvd speed. Both are free

And I can use both of those to burn files that I have authored w/ DVD Shrink?

Yes, but you must select ISO mode as output.

With cd-dvd speed, if your burner support it, you can also do scans

Those software will only burn images (iso) files.
If you don’t mind paying, than get ONES (see my signature). This software is really cheap and will burn anything (yes also files authored by dvdshrink).
If you don’t want to pay get CD burner XP pro , which is free and also very good.

Thanks bichonn. What is the difference between copying DVDs directly and burning via ISO file? As you can see, I’m somewhat of a newbie!

@bichonn: what is so good about Ones then? I haven’t come across a burning app that can compare itself to Nero 6.6.0.xx.

I agree with ImgBurn tho, great program. I also tried CD burner XP pro in the past, but wasn’t very impressed. It also can’t non-iso burn dvd video discs.

Here is a good guideline for ya.

If you are going to burn to single dvd’s (DVD-5), where you have to edit movies to make them fit on the disk, then I would suggest using DVD Shrink, Nero Recode or CloneDvD

If you are going to burn to dual layer dvd’s (DVD-9), where you are doing a one to one copy, then I would suggest DvD Decrypter, DeFab Decrypter or CloneDVD.

If your movies are small enough to fit on a single layer doing a one to one copy then move to the dual layer options for burning. I would also suggest having AnyDVD on hand as well.

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ONES burns anything, (CD DVDs), extract music, creates ISO, burns music compilation … why don’t you download the trial version and try it for yourself.
Nero is a great software, and I don’t think any software is better, but it is extreamly heavy. And I was tired of monthly (sometimes weekly) updates. Nero reminds me Microsoft now…

Thanks for everyone’s thoughts. I’m basically trying to get a program that does it all: burns both audio and mp3 CDs, and burns DVDs (whether straight copies or creating ISO files first) etc. Is Nero the only option for that? The general opinion is that Nero may be too much for what I need, and I’m trying to clean up my hard drive. I currently use DVD Shrink and CopytoDVD, but the CopytoDVD program doesn’t write mp3 CDs. Thanks.

Nero is heavy because it tries to do it all in one package, but atleast 6.6. is damn good burn anything software. For freewares, there are great programs out there that are light, but tend to be geared to 1 type of package or task. EAC is a great cd ripper that can transcode to mp3 or flac yadda yadda, and burn. IMGburn, great for burning dvd’s ripped to an image file. There are some lightwieght free burn programs, I keep hearing them by name in many posts here with the title, “help, my dvd wont play”

Bichonn, does ONES burn mp3 CDs as well?

ZigZagMan, You summed it up very well. Don’t keep all your eggs in one basket.

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Thanks, everybody, for your help and suggestions. Where can I get IMGburn?

you could google it,but I’m feeling friendly today…:slight_smile: