DVD burning probs. 100% cpu usage

damn it i have the worst luck, the most wierd crap always happens to me!!! arrggghhh!!!

sorry, just recently this problem started. what happens is when i try to read any dvdrom it goest sooo slow. i tried RNM and dvd decrypter. what happens is it is always going down to 1x when reading and i couldnt figure it out. i then went to task manager or whatever and i ran it when this was happening.

i found a direct comparison. when the cpu usage went up to 90-100% the reading slowed down when it went down it sped up. its driving me crazy, this wasnt happening before, why is it doing this. i have DMA enabled, i tried this on my dvdrom and on my 106, same story!!

it even happens when writing. but when im not doing any read/writing the cpu usage satys at 0% WTF is going on.

please somebody help! i cant burn at 2x or 4x reliably cause the underrun protection keeps kicking in becuase of the cpu usage and my burns are hell slower.

PLEASE HELP ME! WHY do i have the worst luck on earth. seriously i do. i could write a book about all the dodgy things that have happened to me.

any ideas anyone? i already went into msconfig and diabled every program except system tray but still the problem occurs. BTW i have winXP home edition.

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If you are seeing high CPU usage when reading or writing, you most likely have a DMA problem, or software issues. But since you are using different software for reading and writing, that leaves hardware. If you have WinXP, uninstall the IDE controller and reboot, see if the re-install helps. Look at your HD too, not just the optical drives.

ok im stupid. how do i uninstall the IDE controller?

Device manager, right click and choose uninstall on the offending channel

and what will that do? can i reinstall it? it wont bugger anything up will it?? its happening to my DVDrom and dvdwriter so do i do it for those 2 devices?

sorry im just trying to be careful since i have a nack for stuffing things up completely.

It jusr re-installs after boot. but you want to do the IDE controller channel, not the drives

can u please give me a walkthrough of what to do? i have no idea

k im in device manager and i can see primary and secondary ide channel. what do i do?

right-click, hit uninstall and reboot

and check the HD too, see if it’s in UDMA

it says ultra DMa in all drives except device 0 on primary. this is my hard drive. will it be risky to unistall the primary, this is where my OS is. cdrlabs says u shouldnt unistall pirmary cause ur OS system is on the hard drive. should i do it?

so the HD is in PIO? If so, that’s your problem. Have you tried re-setting it to UDMA?

tried selecting ultra DMA but i only get PIO. i’ll try a few more times. BTW, i havent unistalled the primary IDE channel yet. should i??

Het is goed mogelijk dat een te opdringerige virusscanner dit veroorzaakt al eens geprobeerd zonder ?? Verder is het van belang dat de brander bij voorkeur op de andere bus (lees tweede ide kabeltje t.o.v. c:)zit als de buffer/bron drive. Als je een oude drive aan de ide kabel hangt dan gaat de bus terug in snelheid (pio mode 1,2,3,4,5,6) van het langzaamste apparaat. Houd dus altijd de eerste ide kabel voor de (meestal) veel snellere harddisken. DMA voor de drive moet aan staan omdat anders de processor de data zelf moet doorschuifen terwijl de dma chip dit veel beter kan.
Nog veel brand plezier gewenst, groeten BWS

whoa. translation please. rdgrimes, should i reinstall the primary ide. it will not go back to DMA, its stuck in PIO.

you can check in BIOS to see if it’s configured for “auto” detect and showing as UDMA. If it shows UDMA in BIOS, then this is a windows issue. It’ll also show during POST when the drive is detected at start-up.

how do i check in BIOS??

I can’t remember when I’ve ever had to uninstall the primary channel and HD, but it shouldn’t hurt anything cause windows just re-installs it when you boot up. It’s the controller driver you are removing, not the drive. the drive will work without a IDE driver, as it does in DOS.

K. im doing it. ILL BE BACK. lol

k. unistalled the primary. all went well. windows booted 10x faster than beofre. i will try in one sec to rip a dvd. i think it will work. fingers crossed.