DVD Burning Problems

Hello out there,

I am having problems with some of my home burnt DVD’s. What I am getting at times is a jumping of images (not really bad, but noticeable) or a start & stop (really bad) of the image & sound. Also when viewing the DVD on the P.C. (in windows media player) or on a stand alone DVD player I don’t have full control of fast forword, the picture always seems to jump back to the same point on the DVD. My files (mpeg2) come rendered out of Vegas 4.0 software. I think my mpeg2 files are o.k. because they play fine on the P.C. with none of the above mentioned problems. I am using “Roxio Easy CD & DVD Creator 6” to burn my DVD’s. I have used two different brands of DVD’s and on one particular file have had the same problem in exactly the same place using both kinds of DVD’s. I have tried burning at 4x as well as 2x. I am planning on distributing some high school football hilite DVD’s to the kids at the end of the season and don’t want to pass out some junky DVD’s. Any help would be much appreciated.