DVD Burning Problems

Im trying to burn some dvdrs i have on my computer with some new ritek dvd+r 4x media i just got (100 spindle). I have waisted like 6 dvds now i keep gettin errors. This is the error i get on record now dx (similar in dvd decrypter) I might have gotten a bad batch of dvd+rs… I have a sony dru-530a and am using the 2.1a firmware. Im gonna try 2.1b and then 1.0d to see if that fixes it…

EDIT: 1.0D Still gave me the error! So I got 2.1b… Or what firmware do u gyus recomend? So far i have only had one good burn out of this spindle. I have waisted about 10 now.

Suggestion: Tried any other burning software ? such as Nero?

yes i have for other stuff with this media, but nero doesnt support the img files im trying to burn. I just tried some sony rw media and it worked, so it must be themeda.