Dvd burning problems

I have very large image files, about 75MB each. In the process of getting these images to a client, I began burning them onto DVDs. I burned 2 (DVD-R) DVDs of some of these images but after burning the DVDs, removing, then reinserting them into my (Mac Power G5) computer, the icons don’t appear on the desktop. I recently had another HD installed, so plenty of room. I’ve never burned DVDs before, only CDs. A friend did help me to find out that my Mac reads any kind of DVDs.

What program did you use for burning the images to DVD? Do you have access to another computer with a DVD rom to see if the images were in fact burned? Can you mount the disk with Disk Utility?

Thanks, Whappo. I used whatever program came with my computer to burn the DVDs- iDVD? I’m headed over to my neighbor’s Mac laptop to see if the images were actually burned. You’ve lost me about mounting the disk with Disc Utility…