Dvd burning problems



i have a samsung sh-w162c 16x dvd+/-rw:

i am trying to put a 2 part movie (avi) onto a dvd-rw but having no luck getting it to burn. i have tried with nero 6 and super dvd creator 8.5. can anyone help me? never tried burning with this drive before.


You first have to know what you want…

I think you want [B]to convert[/B] those 2 avis to a DVD compliant format to burn it on Video DVD…


yes thats right. i want both the avi’s onto a dvd but i cant seem to do it with my dvd-rw cd. could you help?


What chef mentioned do you want to convert in a dvd-video or just burning them as a data dvd? Both methods are easy to handle. For converting you can just use NVE importing the two files, set the quality output and convert, as a data dvd just select in nero create data dvd drag&drop the files and burn.


whats NVE? i think i chose the dvd video option. should i have chose data dvd to put the the avi’s on?


NVE == Nero Vision Express

Maybe have a look here: www.videohelp.com/convert


Nero Vision Express


i tried with nve and it says that i cant make a dvd video cd because it cant convert mpeg4 or something. then it puts the avi’s on but makes the resolution half the size :frowning:


Convert? Not decode??

www.videohelp.com/convert :wink: