Dvd Burning Problems

I’M have a samsung sh-w162z and lite-on ldw-451s have tried burning dvd-r and dvd+rw 3 different kinds no luck they freeze up and get get blocks in them sometimes as soon as the dvd starts or not until the last 10-15 minutes of the movie. No problem putting the movie on the hard drive looks good it is after i try to burn them. I have used several different programs like nero,
dvd decrypter,img tool burn 1.2.1 same problem ecs motherboard amd xp 2400
processor 768 mb ddr ram. HELP???

What media are you using? Were they burned OK with your Liteon?

And welcome.

Use Nero’s CD-DVD Speed to get the Media ID. It’s the Disc Info tab. This app will also give the firmware version of the burner(s). This’ll show in the box where you select the burner.

What burn speed do you actually get when using DVD Decrypter. Not what you select but the actual rate achieved.

Media type is k-hypermedia dvd-r and Platinum dvd-r. No the lite-on didn’t burn them right either, both drives burn cd-r good no problem.
The lite-on firmware is gsbc and the samsung firmware is ts00. The media is k-media cmc mag.afi and Platinum aml. But the software I burn at 2.0x or 2.4x doesn’t make a difference same problem. I have had the lite-on for acouple of years never has worked right so I bought the samsung a couple of days ago has the same problems. I had all the unless services turned off with the lite-on but i reinstalled windows xp pro and left every thing turned on this time but it didn’t make a difference.