DVD Burning Problems with Vaio


I have a Sony Vaio PCG-GRT996VP with DVD Burner. According to the Device Manager my drive is a DVD RW DW-U54A drive. I have not changed any firmware yet (since I don’t know how to find and I don’t know how to do that).

This burner does NOT burn most blank DVDs and I had a lot of trouble already. I have tried Infineon, Imation, and a few other brands in various packaging(jewel case & spindel) and from various dealers. I have tested it with 3 different software packages like Nero 6 and DVD Copy and one minor one which I can’t remember (since I have removed it immediately after realising the same error as well). From all of this software and all the blank DVDs I always get the error that the medium is illegal. In all cases the burn process does not even start but fails instantly. There must be something wrong with it which is beyond the medium. However, I can burn certain cheap blank DVDs which is 1-2 speed. This suggests that the DVD burning is not damaged in general. All DVDs, on the other hand, are perfectly readable. The same happens for those “unburnable DVDs” mentioned earlier, when burned on another PC. When somebody else burns my data, then I can read it with my notebook perfectly. Generally it also reads and write CDs perfectly as well.

Now, I would like to fix this problem. Could it be that I need a firmware update? Where can I find that? I checked already the Sony Viao website and they dont provide anything like that (only rather useless updates for their standard software). How secure is this procedure. I don’t want to loose this drive by installing wrong firmware… What else could be the reason?

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Please help!

Kind Regards,

Well, not a favorable comment at VideoHelp. If there are no firmware updates to this drive, and it maxes out at 4x on +R, 2x on -R, there isn’t too much hope for it being compatible with new media. Finding some decent 4x +R media might be your only hope for a usable burn… Newer media does not slow down to those speeds too well.

Your best bet seems to be 1.5a, if that’s not what you already have.