Dvd burning problems with LG GSA-4081B

I’m a newbie at burning dvd. I just purchased a LG GSA-4081B (8x DVD multi drive) and using a 2.0 usb external case. I have a Dell Dimensions4550 P4 at 2.40 GHz, using WXP Home. I downloaded the free trial of CloneDVD and DVD Region Free to see how they work. I tried to copy a DVD and I keep getting the same error message: write DVD9 error possibly bad medium comes up. I’m using Ritek G04 4X 4.7GB DVD-R. I deleted CloneDVD, rebooted, reinstalled CloneDVD and rebooted (per suggestions in another thread) but I still got the same result. I downloaded the firmware from LG and still no change. I bought Memorex DVD-R’s (one of the three brands suggested by LG) and still can’t burn. After reading threads about ASPI layer threads, I used FORCEASPI to go back to Adaptec v4.6 and install the 4 layers. Then I deleted and reinstalled Clone DVD. I still get the same result. I’m ready to send the burner back! Can anyone give me anymore suggestions?

It seems like the problem is you’re trying to copy a dvd-9 to a dvd-5 disc.

Lots of dvds now are 2 layer dvds which mean they hold a little less then double the retail blank discs you buy which hold about 4.3GB. (The 4.7 is in bytes)

What you have to do is convert the disc to fit on the dvd-5 format. There are all kinds of utilities for that. DVD shrink is popular and free.

Just out of interest what brands of discs did LG recommend I have an LG drive as well.


Thank you BillySeven for your suggestion. However I gave one of my dvd’s to my friend who has the same software and is using LG 4040 (which I believe is the predecessor to the 4081) and she was able to burn it to one of the blank dvd’s that my burner didn’t recognize. Therefore I don’t think it’s the media or the software. However I will look into the DVD Shrink.

LG recommended DVD-R’s made by FujiFilm, Maxwell and TDK.

I’ve also recently acquired the GSA-4081B and find that the first bunch of DVD-Rs from Datawrite (Red v2) are not compatible.

I’ve found some very unbranded discs by Yi Jhan with a label on them of PAG-03, and they work first time, no trouble at all.

They were apparently from Dabs.com as Dabs Value discs, but I cannot find them on the site today. This thread has further details on this disc: http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=80933

In summary, check out other discs from your mates etc before binning the drive. That’s what I’m going to do this weekend. If I learn of any other discs that the drive likes, I’ll post my findings here.

I also just bought the GSA-4081B and it did not come with any software at all. I’m burning Memorex DVD+RW OK with Roxio ECDC 6.0. BUT, I can’t play DVD movies. Am I missing a codec or ASPI thing or what?

At first WinMedia Player WMP did not play the video, only the sound, but since using DVD shrink and Nero 6 together, I now get pictures in WMP.

(I’m using Win XP Home and WMP v9.0)

My LG boxed drive came with an LG blue CD labelled with “BHA”, but to be honest XP recognised the drive properly on installation as a HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GSA-4081B. I installed the s/w off the CD, but it’s not fantastic, and I’m left using Nero/DVD shrink for all my current needs.

Hello again, just received further brands of DVD from Dabs.com

Whilst the Fujifilm DVD-R is recognised using DVD Identifier under ADIP Read method 1, both the Fujifilm DVD+RW discs and the Sony DVD+R discs are identified using ADIP read method 2 only.

DVD identifier states that “A Firware upgrade is Recommended” for those discs that fail method 1 (the latter two).

I have succesfully written to and deleted from the Fujifilm DVD+RW without any firmware upgrade so far.

Hope this helps?

Hi I also have a Lg GSA-4081 and I have found DVDX copy to be a great program for copying DVD’s and the program does it all by its/self you set it going and just wait till it finishes. I am using Princo DVD-R disc’s and are working find. Hope this helps. Cheers.

PS: I got the program from kazaa lite.