DVD Burning Problems VIDEO_TS Folder?

Happy Holidays to you all.

Complete beginner when it comes to the world of DVD so pardon my ignorance. Total disappointment though as I was planning to burn some videos for my family this Christmas Eve but have been having some problems.

I’ve been using both Nero 7 and ExpressBurn successfully in regards to burning movies through Azureus and bittorent downloads. About a week ago however, I accidentally deleted Video_TS and Audio TS folders and have not been able to burn properly since. The movies play well on my computer but are not readable when burned by my dvd player or they come out with just audio and no picture, vice versa.

I have tried reinstalling Nero 7, Azureus to no avail. I have even tried restoring on my machine with no luck. Have also tried various other burning software. Any idea what I can do in order to rectify this. Any help on this X-Mas Eve would be greatly appreciated.

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:eek:Isn’t it illegal to download and copy copyrighted movies?:eek:

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Apologies mate, I just read the board rules right now. What if I just wanted to restore my Video_TS and Audio_TS folders back on my computer? Is this a Nero thing or Windows issue?

No problem, sounds like Nero. When you unistall Nero you should use CCLeaner to clean your regisrty. You can download CCLeaner at FileHippo.com don’t worry its freeware and you get free updates on the CCleaner too. Use the cleaner to fix issues and clean the registry then reinstall your Nero 7, hopefully that will work for you! Please post to let us know if it worked or not. Also one question are you restoring them from a backup or hard drive?

Nero also has a clean tool available http://www.majorgeeks.com/Nero_General_Clean_Tool_d5860.html

[QUOTE=pcostanza;1960922]Nero also has a clean tool available http://www.majorgeeks.com/Nero_General_Clean_Tool_d5860.html[/QUOTE]

I recommend the CCleaner! You want a clean unistall of anything Nero on your computer.