Dvd burning problems-sh-s182f

hi all!!
i keep on gettin problems while burning a dvd+r. i owned a lg gsa-h42n in the beginning and when i try to burn dvd it always fails at 1%. i changed the drive thrice and after that also kept gettin the same problem. so i changed the brand to samsung sh-s182f and even now im getting the same problem…im too fed up :sad:
btw i own a samsung combo and im trying to put the new dvd burner in primary slot of IDE…my comp config is good enough. i think the problem might be in IDE cable…is there any way to check an IDE cable.
Pls suggest some ways to solve this problem
thanq in advance :slight_smile:

just buy a brand new 80 conductor ide cable for your drive. what brand of dvd media were you using when getting the write errors? i suspect it’s a dvd media problem. newer dvd burners require using a 80 conductor ide cable.

i used moser baer dvd+r media

There’s your problem because those discs are low quality dvd media. Use Verbatim dvd media then you won’t have write errors. :wink: :slight_smile:


Then there is something wrong with your system. Your drive might be fine.

i think the problem might be in IDE cable…is there any way to check an IDE cable.
Just replace it by a new one. Using an 80 wired cable is a good idea, but not essential (at least with the Samsung drive, as it is still UDMA 66). Besides checking if the jumpers are set correctly and the drives are running in DMA mode, my crystal ball suggests:

[ul][li]issues with the IDE controller and/or the drivers that are used (trying MS default drivers is a good thing to rule that out)
[/li][li]rogue software or drivers (from copy protections of video DVDs, music CDs or games) that prevent using CD/DVD burners are installed


I installed a 80 conductor cable for my burner right now and there seems to be no difference in performance at all!

I’ve saw a user in another forum having this weird problem. He managed to get a temporary solution for his problem, which is… burning the DVD in multisesion mode… :confused:

Uh?? :confused:

@ chef
If, you can read Chinese:

diaodeyi3296 mentioned that he keep failed to burning DVD at 1%. The drive he is using is a 160P6S@165P6S on a notebook with USB-to-IDE cable. He checked & sure that his drive has no problem in DMA mode. Then he worked it out by burning multisession DVD, which is, in Nero, “Start Multisession disc”. By doing this he managed to burn DVDR fine without errors. However, when he tried to go back to “No Multisession” burning, his drive stucked at 1% and failed again.
He’s using Windows Vista and Nero 7.

What’s your OS and burning software? Have you tried other burning software like ImgBurn?

I cannot read chinese, its all kinda filled with “?” … :smiley:

IMO, the usb-to-IDe cable is the troublemaker.

my os is windows xp. no i dint use any other burning software other than nero(tried many versions)…my nero never fails on burning cds in my other combo drive. also in my sh-s182f i can burn dvd-rw at 4x…i couldnt think of a reason y dvd-r is failing always…as i have said i replaced many drives thinking that it might be drive problem but still the problem persists :sad:
i wasted many dvds trying all possible alternatives. the only think i dint do is changing ide cable and reinstalling windows…pls ur suggestions r welcome

use Verbatim dvd media and use ImgBurn to burn your discs. buy a new 80 conductor ide cable as well before you decide to reinstall windows xp.

well dude i dont think media is a problem. then how come my frnds r able to burn dvds successfully using the same media that i used…as quoted above something wrong with cable or some other hardware conflict

Did you give your dvd to your friend or he is just using the same type of media as yours? What is the rated speed of the MBI DVD+R that you have and at what speed you tried burning them?
As you have the same failures before with the LG GSA-H42N, it doesn’t seem to be a drive problem as mciahel has mentioned in post #5. You have changed the IDE cable and the problem remains, so it is not the cable’s fault. Did you check the dirve’s DMA as mciahel has suggested? Can you find out the burst rate of your SH-S182F using CDSpeed.

moser baer supports 16x…i tried burning dvds at 16x as well as 4x. and no i dint change ide cable yet. the dma mode for both optical drives is set to ultra dma mode 2.
and exactly what i get during burn process is
-caching of files completed
-burn process started at (speed)

progress bar starts at 1% and still remains at 1% while the time goes on

lead in and out bar never seems to proceed

finally after say 20mins burn process failed!!!

-btw while burning dvd cpu usage is maximum(the red/green light blinks a lot) for succesful burns. in my case it blinks too rarely and also the drive light isnt active


Please provide a log of a failed burn. As it contains your Nero serial, remove that before posting.