DVD Burning problems on RicohJPND00



Would like to ask of any burning results from a RICOHJPN D00 (Imation DVD+R DL). I am experiencing error messages on Nero Burnign ROM - “Session Fixation Error” everytime. This is my first time to burn on a DVD+R DL and the first brand so far I have used. My burner is a Benq 1620 on a B7V9 Firmware. I have no issues in the past with respect to burning single layer media, just do not know if the problem is on the media, hardware or software.

Hoep soembody could help.


RICOHJPN-D00 media works bad (or rather not at all) with DW1620. I could only make my DW1620 start burning it once or twice but the result was a coaster. I use my Plextor to burn them now where they are supported even at 4x, burn quality is better at 2.4x though.
(BTW I would not recommend using Nero for burning DL discs, at least if it’s video because it got issues with setting the layer break info correct.)


They burn great here on the LG at 2.4x, haven’t tried them on any other drives. I only use DVDDecryptor for DL burns.


Thanks for the reply guys. jsl… what media do you use for your 1620? I’m thinking of trying Verbatim next time…any expereince to share.


Should work fine on NEC hardware as well. :slight_smile:


To be honest I burn all DL on the Plextor now (but most SL discs on the BenQ) because I even had my BenQ turn a Verbatim DVD+R DL into a coaster (at 4x speed but anyway) so I’m not so impressed by the DL burning performance of my DW1620.


the BenQ is a bit naff for burning anything
mine sits in my 3 year olds PC, no other use for it.

NEC burners rule!


I’ve had no success burning to RICOHJPND00 (Fujifilm) with my new LG 4167. I’ve tried several burning programs and none of them will even start the process.


LiteOn SOHW-1633S, firmware BS0R - coasters.