DVD Burning Problem

Hi all
I hope some one of you can help me
I’m having problems burning DVD’s. During the burning process I have no errors, but after that, when

the files are verified against the original ones, I have errors. The files are different…
I have two DVD burners. The same happens with both.

DVD burners I have: LG GSA-4081B and a Samsung TS-H552B
The Software I tested: Nero and Roxio and WriteMAster from Pinnacle
I have only one burning software installed at a time

What have I done with no results:
Updated my motherboard bios
Formatted my PC and installed Windows XP SP2 and made all the updates
Upgraded the firmware of the drives
Used the latest drivers to XP
Tested different brands of blank DVD’s
Tested all kinds of DVD’s (+/-R and RAM in the LG)
Tested different burning software
Tested in low burning speeds
Changed the transfer mode from DMA to “PIO Only” of the DVD drives
Tested the LG GSA-4081B in another PC
And I bought a gun to shoot my PC (kidding)

I think that it’s very unlikely to be a DVD burner defect, because the same thing happens with both DVD

burners, and the same thing happened in the other PC with the LG GSA-4081B

I’m in a dead end… HELP!!!


What is it exactly that you are burning? data or video? ( as in movie )

I’m burning data. Just files …