DVD Burning Problem

I’ve been backing up my DVDs using DVD Decrypter and DVD Shrink without any troubles or problems what so ever. (Sometimes XCopy Xpress too)

I burn using Instant CD/DVD software on my I/O Magic 4x +R/-R drive.

Recently a few of my backups were made with no audio tracks, and so wouldn’t play on my Panasonic DVD S-35 player.
After several of these coasters were made, I once again started making “good” backups, which could be played on the DVD burner drive or my other DVD drive (read only) but these new backups still fail to play on my player. I have updated all the software I am using to make these backups, but they continue to fail playing on my Panasonic player. I now find that a few of the old backups that played fine on the player are not playing but most of them do.

Obviously I suspect the Panasonic unit since both computer drives will play all the discs that fail, but I have a small doubt since some discs got burned with out audio…

Any suggestions on what to try next, or contact with anyone who has has similar experinces would be greatly appreciated.


Richard K

Rich, Are you using + media? Panasonic uses - discs and + re-writables. The missing audio track could be a result of not properly identifying what audio tracking your Panasonic will allow. I had a similar problem with DTS sound. Pay close attention to the program settings prior to writing.