DVD Burning Problem

Hi there.

I have a Optiarc dvd rw AD-5170A drive in my computer, my problem is that i won’t let me burn DVD+RW with success, it seems that it is currently burning my data on to the disk, but when i chose to verify written data the dvd+rw disc fails.

First of all i have tried the following things. flashed my drive with success to firmware version 1.14 (original file) before i flashed the drive ive set it to PIO not DMA. tried remove all IDE Channels, and then windows installed em again by it self, but with no success at all.

When i right click in start menu (windows xp pro x64) and chose explore to see the drive E:\ it says it’s a DVD-RW Drive (E:).

Also i tried to completely format my whole system, dosent matter still the same thing, tried different media (different disc from another company that was a verbatim DVD+RW but still no luck at all)

also i tried to install a windows 32 bit version of windows xp, dosent matter it just wont let me burn DVD+RW discs at all, and in the manual for my drive it’s says that it’s compitabel with dvd+rw discs and so on.

Also i have tried different burning software, like PowerISO, MagicISO, ImgBurner, Nero Burning Rom, Alchohol, CloneCD etc.

Is there other peaplo on this forum that know’s a way to fix this issue, the drive is completely new have ever been used before, i had a drive that matches the new one but still same problem appears, so i don’t think that it is the drive itself thats somthin wrong with.

Sorry for my bad english, im not so good at this language yet.


First post the brand and media you have used.

before i flashed the drive ive set it to PIO not DMA.

Set it to DMA and post a burn log.