DVD Burning problem

Hy there.

I bought Maxell DVD-R for writing some data.But my DVD Writer gives “could not perform end of Disc-at- once” while writing them at 1%. I tried 2 discs but got the same error.

Here’s some specs of my DVD-Writer and DVD.

I tried these 2 discs on 2 more LG DVD writers but to no avail. ???

Why do you want to finalize data disc?

RITEKF1 is too new media for the GSA-4163B, and is not well-liked by LG drives in general. [Not to say this media is bad; it’s just a poor match for your drives]. Stick with Verbatim’s 16x media, or try 8x media made by Taiyo Yuden [and remember to write at 12x on 16x media, when possible].

Methinks Albert nailed it. :iagree:

Verbs or TY’s should help.

Have you tried other/better media?

I’m burning good quality DVDs but getting that error. But I can easily burn Low quality DVD media.

I tried to burn them to my friends brand new LG Superdrive but it gave the similar error. at 1% progress.

“could not perform end of Disc-at- once”

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I Have Same Problem With Sh-w162c

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I got these reports from DVD Identifier.