DVD Burning problem

Dear valued members of this forum,

im a total newbie on DVD burning i bought an external dvd burner from samsung SE-W164 and i cant backup my dvd collection for use with my home dvd.

I misburned a little 20 pieces of the Following media: NASHUA mediaproducts singel sided RW DVD+R (16x dvd+r)

The programs say that the backup whas succesfull: nero 7 + dvd shrink 3.xx

but my sony dvd player keeps saying that the backup DVD is dirty error 13:00

What should i do?

Thanks in advance

Use Nero’s CDSPEED and run a disk quality scan (use scan speed of 4x), and also report media code from DVD’s. Could be a few different things, but I’m guessing that your burner/firmware don’t like the cheap media you are using. That is why I always recommend going with Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden. There are VERY few burners that don’t like these medias.

I second the suggestion of trying better DVD media!

Using bad media is not the only possible explanation, but common experience says that it is the most likely explanation!

drhuer, welcome to the forum!

Thank you very much but what do you mean by cheap??? i bought them for 10 euros 10 pcs…!!! hmmm i think im ripped off lolz…but how can i determine which kind of media my dvd writer accepts?

Thanks for the TIP…