DVD burning Problem?

I keep getting DVD’s failing the “Verify data on Disc After Burning” step using Nero Express 6.

If I try to burn again, the problem persists, but I can clear it by reducing the amount of data I’m trying to fit on the disc.

This makes me think I must be exceeding some limit I don’t know about:

The DVD box says my Verbatim DVD’s have a capacity 4.7GB.
The “Nero Info Tool” says it’s 4.38GB.
Nero Express has the warning line set just shy of 4500MB, and I calculate that 4.38GB = 4485MB (approx.), which tallies with this.

But if I get close to 4485MB, (without exceeding it), I get the verify problem :confused:



Hi and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

In my opinion this verify function of nero is totally unreliable. I burned a lot of discs that failed and with perfectly OK data on all. So I don’t believe in nero verify anymore.

I relate burn quality on both scans and transfer rate test: in my experience this is the best method to test a disc. If you want can also do a copy of all files on HD: this is the very best test to check burned data.

I agree with Geno’s comments about the verify function.

However, it could be indicative of poor media that hasn’t burned properly. So what media are you using? Nero’s CD-DVD Speed (disc info option) will give you that.

I had similar problems with Nero so I stopped using the verify function & tried doing a direct file comparison with Windiff (from MIcrosoft) & CD Check. Both these are free and help to give you increased confidence of what you’re burning.

I soon established that I did indeed have burn problems so I started using a better media and now if I verify with Nero , ImgBurn etc I get 100% passes.

If the problems only occur on nearly full discs I’d suspect that the media is at fault.

Yep, this verify function is only usable for knowing that the burned media can be accessed and read…
For content verify just use DVDInfoPro or Nero CD DVD Speed.

Hi folks, thanks for the responses :slight_smile:

Nero InfoTool reports my Verbatim 16x DVD-R manufacturer code as MCC 03RG20.
(My guess is that this is a good quality disc).

My DVD writer is a LITE-ON DVDRW SOHW 1653S. .
(I’ve read some discouraging stuff about its quality of burning).


You’re welcome :slight_smile:

Yes, these are good discs

This is not a bad burner. I see very good scsns in its dedicated forum.

Maybe you got a bad batch of media, but you shouldn’t relate to nero verify because it isn’t totally reliable.

Can you post a scan and a transfer rate test of your “not verified” media?

I now think that my burning problem was caused by using nested folders, each with very long names, so sorry about that :o
Windows doesn’t seem to tell you when this is becoming a potential problem.

I’ve been trying out DvdInfo though:
PIPO Scanning rated one of two I tested at 67%, which doesn’t sound very goo!
I’ve attached the two dip files.


dip files.zip (1.87 KB)