Dvd burning problem

Hi all , i am new to this site. i hope this site will help to find answer for my question.
here is my question
i have some 20 .wmv files.with two different category one is an lovesongs(10nos)then next comedysongs(10). i converted these songs seperately using Winavi. after conversion i got two folders dvd_0,dvd_1.now i am going to burn these two folders into dvd +r.but i can’t.the problem is i am using nero express when i add the first folder it accepts then when i try to add the second folder i can’t. can anyone help me to put these folder into dvd+r?

after conversion i got two folders dvd_0,dvd_1.
Whats the total size of the two combined?

hi pollushan,
i didn’t combine. the size of the folder is 1 gb only.i have to burn the same folders into a single dvd +r.

Maybe try using Nero Vision Express to author and burn the whole project. I meant to ask, do you get an error message when you try to add the second folder?

ya, it says “vide_ts folder already added do u want to overwrite it?”.
thanks for your reply.how can i do author ?i am new to this concepts.
please post in detail.

When you say songs, are they music, and are you trying to put this music on a dvd? If so, what type of disc did you tell Nero you are trying to make? From your last post it looks like you meant to write “video_ts folder” and that means you told Nero you want to make a video dvd, and it can’t except 2 video_ts folders. You might have to re-author if this is the case. Please provide more details, on the files, what conversion you did, and what you expect the final outcome to be.

here is my problem i have some 20 .wmv video song files. i converted these to dvd format using Winavi converter. but i convert first 10 files then again 10 file because if did all at once Winavi is freezing. so after converting i got

  1. dvd _0 and dvd_1

  2. dvd_0 contain audio_ts and video_ts.

  3. dvd_1 contain audio_ts and video _ts .

  4. now i have to burn these two folders into a dvd +r.

  5. so i opened nero vision express version 5 i added the first folder dvd_0

  6. after i try to add the second folder dvd_0 then nero popups an error message that is " video_ts.bup and video_ts.ifo alredy added. do u want to replace this ?".

  7. this is the problem.
    i think u got it. if u help me to find the solution that would be very helpful for me .

As Pacmac said you cant add 2 VIDEO_TS folders. What you’ll need to do is take the original, seperate files (.wmv) and load them into Nero Vision Express. Select Create a DVD. Let Nero transcode them to DVD Structure and it will place them all under one VIDEO_TS folder.

Ulead DVD Movie Factory does a very good job of taking wmv files & converting to VCD/SVCD/DVD & adding your menues.

I haven’t used it yet but nero has an option that I would think would work here. Look for an icon in smart start that says “copy multiple dvd-video movies to one”. It brings up recode but instead of an “import dvd” button like you get when you are going to copy a single movie, it has an “import titles” button.
Fyi, what pollushon recomended seems like a better approach unless you have a reason for not doing that.

Thanks for your replies. i appreciate this help. but i have NERO EXPRESS VERSION 5. It comes with my cd drive. so can i still use this for the purpose what pollusan said.
i can’t find any"create my dvd option".it has only “burn dvd videos”.

if i can still do this with NERO EXPRESS. please let me know. otherwise post the exact name of the software and the location to download.
Thanks guys

Do you have the complete nero 6.? package (I would suspect you do as it is usally all sold together)?

nope i don’t have that nero6 package. i have only NERO EXPRESS VERSION 5 it comes with my cd writer as an cd writing software. later i upgraded it now i has one more option to write dvd.

I don’t think that nero express can merge two dvd folders (you would have to do that in nero recode which you do not have). I would try what pollushon sugested. Do not convert them with winavi. Take the original file and try to load them into nero express and see if that works.

ya i already tried that since my source file is an .wmv file my nero doesnot support this format. anyway thanks for your effort. just leave it. can u please any good software to do batch conversion from .wmv to dvd format. i am having winavi. when i tried to convert all those 20 .wmv files it freezes. that’s why i converted 10 by 10. if i can able to convert all the 20 in one atempt that would be easy to write it in dvd. so if possible please suggest some good software not trialed version if u have serial no of that software please let me know.