DVD Burning Problem with Nero, file problems

I have Nero 8, aka Nero StartSmart Essentials. When I try to burn a DVD, I go to the Rip and Burn Tab, click Burn Video Disk, and then I click DVD-Video files. When I get there and I try to add files, the only file types I can add are .bup, .vob, and .ifo. My files are all MP4s, mpegs, or AVIs. My sister thinks I need the program Nero Vision to get it to burn my files. Is this true, or is something else wrong? Also, I tried burning the DVD as a data CD, but it didn’t play on my DVD player.

IFO, BUP & VOB are Dvd compliant files, which you can burn with Nero or even ImgBurn to a blank Dvd.

The other files would have to be converted with I believe Dvd Flick or FAVC to make them Dvd compliant. I say this because it sounds like your standalone can only play Dvds. There is also another program called ConvertXtoDvd, but it is not free.

As you can see by the attachment, there are several versions of Nero Essentials. I do know what Nero Vision 4 allows but I’m not familiar with the limitations, if any, of Nero Vision Essentials version. You can certainly try adding the vob files, etc.

As Beef points out, imgburn can certainly meet your needs.