DVD burning problem (Sonic My DVD Software)

My sister is creating a photo slide show dvd for an anniversary gift and is trying to include audio – a song of her choice. The slide show turns out fine and the song plays all the way through on her system. Once it is burned to the DVD-R disc the slide show plays all the way through but the song stops 3/4 of the way through. Can anyone help us with this problem?? She is using Windows XP and Sonic “My DVD” Software. :frowning:

Welcome to CDF, kirsty0821 :slight_smile:

Just a wild guess, but maybe the delay on each slide is different when viewing from the PC vs. from the disc?

I know there’s two ways for making a “slide show”: #1 just copying the pictures (and music) to the disc (in this case, how long each slide is shown is determined by the playback device) and #2 (preferable) converting it into a video before burning to disc (which will let you decide the delay, plus fade in/out the music and possibly “loop” the song - so start it again after it’s finished - if the slide show is longer than the song).

Hopefully someone from the Video Edit Software forum will read your question as well.

Thanks Cressida! She tried something different and I believe we may have it under control! Thanks for your reply.

Well, it still didn’t work. So still open to suggestions. :doh: