DVD Burning / Playing Problem

I have a movie that I downloaded and is on my hd. I have opened the image with dvdshrink, all looks well, so I burn it. The burnt dvd plays fine on my computer but when I use it on my dvd play hooked to my tv is doesa not play at all.

Yes, I have played many copied dvd on this dvd played hooked to my tv, and yes I tried this burnt dvd on 3 other playeers just to check and I get the same results.

It seems to me that the dvd’s I have a problem with are the ones that I d/l. If I copy from an original I have no problems.

*** What am I doing wrong or is there somting special you have to do ???

Please help

And its title is?
You can never be sure what you get when you download something.

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But why does it play on my cpu ??? with the menus and everthing and not in a regular player?? Its just driving my crazy… I have tried to read the burnt copy with Alcohol120% and then re-burn again, but I get the same thing…


As you don’t same what error you get on the DVD players it’s hard to be sure what the problem might be.

So a complete guess on my part would be that the movie you’ve got is in NTSC format & you’ve a PAL player/TV or vice versa.

The erros is Unreadable Disk. I thought that because I burnt it with no “region” that I would be able use it in a PAL system.

How can I check to see if the DVD is in NTSC or PAL ?


If you can download IfoEdit & open any of the ifo files in the VIDEO_TS folder it should very simply show you.

ok, ill do that right now !

alright it say, Mpeg-2 / PAL

So that means that it is in the correct format ? I guess, for North America.

What, else could I check or do before I burn it, to make sure it plays in a home dvd player?

PAL = UK & Europe etc
NTSC = USA & other areas.

Ah…that’s the problem !!! Is there anyway to change this ? From PAL to NTSC ?

I found a thread on changing and I am trying it right now. Thanks for your help. I am burning again as I am trying this message. I hope it works. I clicked on region free with dvd shrink but I guess it didnt really do the job I thought it did.

Hello, Can somebody tell me if 500 to 650 minutes is correct amount of time to run when in CloneDVD2, after i did ran movie thru AnyDVD. This seems a bit to long ( 7-8 hrs???) The disc that i am backing-up has 7298mb. What am I doing wrong??? At output method frame, I set DVD Writer to Maximum… ThankYou for Your Help

Hello ,Im trying out my Free trial of AnyDVD & CloneDVD2… After I Run Movie thru AnyDVD ,to CloneDVD , at (writing to recordable media ) Frame,the run-time is between 500 /650min. (creating DVD files). Is this a normal run time ??? 7-8Hrs???.At (OutPut Method Frame) write speed is set to Maximum & the disc that I am Copying is 7245gb. Rewriting to fit a 4.7gb.Seems like a long time to create DVD files…Thanks For Help…Heinzie in Houston,Tx