DVD burning - Max. video data rate for mpeg-1?



This must be an easy question for someone…
…I’m writing an mpeg-1 file to a DVD (PAL) and would like to know if there is a maximum video data rate, and if so what it is.



According to videohelp.com (former dvdrhelp.com/vcdhelp.com)
“Up to 9.8 Mbit/sec MPEG2 or up to 1.856 MBit/sec MPEG1 video”


Thanks for the reply. :slight_smile:


Just remember, the quoted bitrates above are for the combined Video+Audio bitrates.


on top of what CM said, those are also peak values, so the bitrates aren’t allowed to go above those values at anytime while staying dvd-compliant.


Thanks. Am I right in saying that if I choose a ‘Constant’ video data rate then it can’t peak over these values?
(Just out of interest do you know what would happen if it did peak over?)


The sound will probably begin to stutter and the picture may freeze randomly. You’ll achieve best quality using VBR (Variable Bit Rate).


Ok…the quality may be better using VBR, but isn’t there then a risk of peaking over the max. values? How can I be sure not to? Could I say use a bit rate of the max. values minus a certain percentage? Is there a known formula?


any good encoder will allow you to define a maximum bitrate that won’t be exceeded while using VBR in addition to the average bitrate.


I’m actually using Ulead Video Studio 7 SE VCD, to edit and save as .mpeg.
There doesn’t appear to be a max setting.
Could you recommend some other software (preferably free :wink: ) that I could feed say .avi into (from the Ulead software) and save as .mpeg with these peak settings?


TMPGEnc (free for mpeg1 I think), CCE (definitely not free), I think QuEnc too if you frameserve via avisynth.



In addition to the above, TMPGEnc ver 12a does MPEG2 (and MPEG1) and is 100% free (though difficult to find).


Just to let you know how I got on…

…I did find TMPGEnc ver 12a. However the image kept freezing during mpeg-2 encoding…I guess this is a bug (?), as I downloaded the latest trial version (mpeg-2 encoding free for a month) and it worked ok.

As I’m starting out with analogue the difference between mpeg-1 and mpeg-2 is not that great (however it is noticable). I suppose I have to decide whether the difference in quality is worth buying an avi->mpeg-2 encoder for…

A big thank you to all who contributed to this thread. You’re doing a great job.