DVD Burning limited to 2x

Hey guys, I bought an Acer Aspire 5672WLMi a few months ago and it came with an 8x dvd burner. Matshita DVD-RAM UJ-845S to be exact. I remember back when i first got it, i was burning dvds at 8x. And later i was only able to burn at 2x. I didnt really pay attention to it that much because I thought it was maybe the Medium i was burning on to. Cuz i’ve seen that happen, some dvd burners dont like certian brands of dvds.

But now its still burning at 2x. I cant seem to burn any faster than that at all. I tried using NTI dvd burner software and Nero, same thing. It limits it to 2x. I called up Acer and the tech was arguing wit me saying that this burner is a 2x burner while I was on the internet looking at the specs and it says this burner burns at 8x DVD±R. He was no help at all.

So i was wondering if anyone here knows what is going on with my dvd burner? Is there a way to burn dvds at 8x again? Is there a preferred list of DVD Brands that works best with my dvd burner?

Thanx in advanced for taking your time to read this and helping me.

No one knows wuts goin on with my burner?

Check the DMA.

Check DMA settings… see the forum for more details…

DMA settings are fine. I reinstalled secondary IDE channel too. and also i reinstalled the burner’s drivers. It still didnt work. do you guys think its a faulty drive?

No, but a crap drive.

Use HQ media.