DVD Burning issues

Hi i have a problem with viewing my DVD-R disc. I started out creating my dvd using ripit4me and dvd Decrypter. I opened Ripit4me and went to Wizard mode and followed the steps and then the files opened in DVD Decrypter, I then pressed the button and started taking the files off my Ugly Betty dvd. Then after I did that I opened DVD Shrink 3.2 and shrunk my dvd down to 4.35GB. I then opened files2iso and fallowed the directions to make thefile into a .iso file. After the .iso file was made i opened the .iso file in roxio9 copy and copied it to a dvd-rw disc. The dvd didn’t play in my parents Sony dvd player or my Toshiba D-r560 player but would read on my Sony Vaio desktop, so i copied the dvd-rw to a Sony DVD-R disc and it played on my parents Sony DVD player but still wont play on my Toshiba D-r560 dvd player it just comes up with “disc cannot be played please check disc”

You could have created the ISO file with Dvd Shrink as it’s output. Look through this Posts #67 to #74, but please also read posts #77 & #78.