Dvd Burning Issues

I’m burning ISO’s with Nero on a Emprex 8x DVD-RW on Memorex 8x + & - media. Firmware on the drive is up to date…

I recently started having issues with burning the ISO’s due to the buffer level constantly bouncing up & down. Burn times are taking about 40 to 50 mins for a full DVD. So I’m assuming it’s burning around 1.5x. I’ve also tried burning the ISO’s on Alcohol and it does the same thing and takes about the same amount of time.

I’ve tried uninstalling the drives and the software and reinstalling with no help…

Tried searching for any known issues but can’t find any…

Any help would be greatly appreciated… :bow:

If it’s just because this drive is a P.O.S. please refer me to a better DVD-RW drive… I’ve always have had the best of luck with BTC drives… And this one has been okay it just decided to get worse as time progressed… When I intially flashed to 059 it went away and then I flashed to 0159 and its doing the same thing again…


please check your DMA settings, is DMA enabled?

I always thought DMA was on by default… Well it was enabled on my 2nd drive but not on my DVD-RW… Well I enabled it and went ahead and burned another ISO, same results… :a

I went ahead and went back and checked the DMA setting again and it says DMA if available however right below it where it says current transfer mode while I’m burning the ISO it says PIO mode…

Have you tried to run the burner without a connected second drive?

You say that you have tried to unisnstall the drives, did you uninstall the drives from device manager? if not you can also try this.

have you installed nvidia ide drivers?

No I haven’t tried running the burner without the 2nd drive connected…

Yes I’ve uninstalled both devices through the device manager and rebooted to let Windows find them again…

No I haven’t installed Nvidia IDE drivers… Should I??

I am running a MSI board with Nforce2 Chipset… All drivers are up-to-date…

Is the second drive a HD or another optical drive? I would suggest you should try it once with a disconnected second drive.

no, nvidia ide driver are reason for problems in many cases

if you’ve installed the latest nForce drivers, it might have installed the IDE by default…

to check, go to the device manager, go to the properties for your IDE/ATA controller, and under the “driver” tab, the “Driver provider.”

if it’s NVIDIA Corp., then it installed them. if Micro$oft Corp., then they didnt get installed.

personally, on my ABIT AN7 (nForce 2 ultra 400) i have the NVIDIA drivers installed and my 1008 works great…but results always vary

I checked and it’s Microsoft drivers… I think what I’m gonna end up doing is just to reimage my system, it’s just a matter of if it’ll revert back to this problem again…

I have exactly the same problem. Could not find any solutions for this in the last 5 days. Tried reinstalling the via ide bus drivers, tried the windows ide drivers, tried flashing to 159, … tried everything…still cannot enable dma mode.

Have you tried to delete the drive and the ide channel from devicemanager?

further, you must also make sure that DMA is enabled in your bios for both channels, and some bios even have a seperate option for DMA on optical drives


When i said i tried everything i ment i tried everything…If i unplug the drive and replace it with my older cd-writer i have no problems whatsoever. The cd-writer works just fine in dma mode…but not btc. Anyway, i’ll have it replaced.


If you read my earlier post (rollback to previous firmware) I also had this problem, I flashed back to 0658 firmware and DMA enabled, it took me 11/2 hours too burn a disc yesterday which was unplayable, I burned one last night in 10minutes. I also had DMA if available but the drive was only running in PIO mode, now it’s running in Ultra DMA 4 mode, it makes tou wonder if there is something wrong with the firmware

Well what I’ve done is just totally reinstalled Windows and it seems to be sticking in DMA Mode… Now as for how long this will stay that way I’m not sure at all…

I’ve had the same problem where it starts out in DMA mode then switches to PIO mode 4. I changed the jumper and made it Master and have not had it revert to PIO mode since.

Probably you had this problem: IDE ATA and ATAPI disks use PIO mode after multiple time-out or CRC errors occur

ala42 - I have heard of and experienced this problem. Thanks for the link. Excellent explanation. After swapping IDE cables and making the drive Master, I never had the problem repeat itself. May have been due to a poor cable.

thanks for posting your experience, eightpaws.

hopefully it will be a lesson to some of these kids who dont really want to find their problem and just want to blame their BTC drive, eh?