DVD burning issues, totally lost, please help!

I have a P4 2.53ghz with 1gb DDR and no matter what dvd drive I put into this machine it only burns at 2x. I thought I had to reformat but that didnt help the issue.

I have a P4 2.0ghz with 256mb of RDRAM and this one burns at 8x with the same drive. I’ve tried several drives but once I move it to the other PC it only burns at 2x.

Both PCs are running Windows 2000 with SP4.

I had bought a few other drives to see if that would help. I am lost as to what to do.

Any suggestions? I made sure that I burned something to test the speed after a fresh re-install. The 2.0ghz still burned at 8x while the 2.53ghz burned at 2x. This is driving me insane.


First to start with what kinda burner do you have? And what software are you using to burn?

I have been using Alcholo120% and Nero. I have a NEC, a SONY and a LiteOn. I had tried checking the DMA setting which it is set. I’ve tried changing IDE cables. I can get specific model #s. It wasnt until recently that I tried taking a drive out of one pc and trying it in the other.

still could be a DMA issue , even if “use dma if available” is selected in the ide channels in device manager , you should check DMA settings in bios it should be set to auto for all drives ,if it alredy was on auto then right click each ide channel in device manager and uninstall & restart when done removing all of em , alot of burners needs an 80 wires ide cable to work properly so check what type of cable your using , its simple , color coding - on an 80 wires ide cable the connectors are blue-grey-black while on a 40 wires their all black , also how are your drives connected exactly? its not wise to connect an optical drive along with a hard drive on same cable

hmmm alright, I will check the bios as well as the cables. I had already uninstalled and installed the ide channels in device manager before. This drive is on its own channel but what would be the implications of putting an optical drive and a hard drive on the same cable?

Thanks for the suggestions.

it should be alright unless youll try to burn data from that hard drive , it probably wont supply the data fast enough to the burner,then burnning will fail or it will burn but much slower , also it might make copy/ripping operations (from optical to the hard drive) slower, you welcome :smiley: