DVD Burning issues (playstation 2 playing)



Hey guys,

I know it’s lame to have a thread opened at your first post on a forum, but I`m sick and tired of searching here here and not finding answers to my recently problem:

I have a LG GSA-4163B dvd-rw, and a playstation 2 scph 50004 version mod-chiped using Magic Pro 3.1.

Today I’ve copied a dvd using dvd decrypter and burned it using nero at 8x. I used for that Verbatim’s ZC9742-DVR-147A disc.

I`m not sure if the blank was a -R or a +R (the seller said it was + but I cannot seem to find that written on the disk).

The problem is that the dvd resulted plays well on my burner, but not on my PS2.

  1. Can my version of ps2 play 8x written dvd’s ?
  2. Can my version of ps2 play +R written ddvd’s ?

Thank’s a bunch

  1. Personally i hadn’t problems yet with burning at 8x
  2. Yes, the ps2 can read +r, to get higher compatibility set booktype to dvd-rom
    and if it’s +r or -r, you could see for example with Nero under option disk info
    or dvdidentifier, dvdinfopro etc…


I`m really a moron :smiley:

My bad, its the mod chip reset/eject issue again. The copy plays perfectly, Im having a hard time understanding how Magic Pro chip works

Sorry for this thread, could a moderator close/delete it ?



Why did you not also burn it with dvd decryptor (saves using 2 programs)
Or just use nero without dvd decryptor


Nero said the disc was copyritghted, and cannot be copied, so I used dvd decrypter to get the VIDEo_TS on my hdd.