DVD burning issues (n00b alert)

Just got my first burner (Samsung TS-H552B 16X dual layer) this week and yesterday got myself some 8X DVD-R (Memorex).

I tried to burn a DVD-RIP movie that I had in my HDD, and it burned ok ( or so it seemed). When I tried to play the movie on my modded Xbox the movie will play choppy. So I then tried to play that same burned DVD on my two stand alone players and neither of them (Sony and Panasonic) recognized my DVD.

I tried different methods of burning (Nero at slowest speed settings, IMGTool Burn) and all of these gave me the same good disk on my PC DVD drive but useless disc on all the other players that I got).

I did put all the files on a VIDEO_TS folder and left the AUDIO_TS folder alone. Also, I tried both methods of burning with Nero (DVD Media and DVD ROM UDF/ISO).

What I am doing wrong? Maybe the media that I have? Any pointers will be really appreciated. :smiley:

Check The Compatibility List On The Samsung Website/Check To See That U Have Dma Enabled/Properties ide controller check enable dma!Depending What O.S. ur Running.

  1. Check what type of media your standalones are capable of playing, you can do it here: http://www.videohelp.com/dvdplayers.php.
  2. Check the type of DVD drive in your XBOX (Samsung, Philips, Thompson). Just make a search here, in the Forums, you will find how to identify the XBOX DVD drive.
  3. Try to change the media (preferably Taiyo Yuden, Fuji, TDK, etc.).
  4. Employ other software. Try to use CloneDVD2 (trial available here: www.slysoft.com) to burn the existing data on your harddrive.

or copytodvd available at www.vso-software.fr
the log will report the dma status and depending on the error, the vso technical team can advice about what is going wrong.

Thanks for the replies! Already checked the compatibility list and both of them are compatible with DVD-R media…

How do I check if I have dma enabled on XP Pro SP2?

and last but not least, will try with CLoneDVD…

You can do it with Nero InfoTool.

^ Thnx! DMA is enabled… I’ll try to play with my settings to see if I dont burn anymore coasters. :frowning:

Memorex DVD-R generally use crappy manufacturers for their media. Which DVD Drive do you have in your XBOX? For the XBOX I recommend Ritek and Taiyo Yuden DVD-R. They can be found at: http://www.rima.com http://www.newegg.com

Thnx Jesterrace I will get some Ritek from my cousin tonight… and the Xbox drive is a Thomson…

Thomson drives are prone to DDE early on but that isn’t to say that is necessarily what is happening in your case. Anyways, all of the reports and polls over at XBOX-SCENE state that Ritek DVD-R is a great media to use on that drive. It can be dependant on your burner and firmware though. I have had all 3 XBOX DVD Drives at one point or another and can personally vouch that Ritek worked fine on all of them. For movies I even got them to work on some of the cheapest little POS DVD Players (including 1 $18 AR Coby). Using an old Pioneer 105 with V1.21 firmware.