DVD Burning issue

I have been having problems with my burnt DVD’s. Currently when ever I put them into a standalone DVD player that is able to play DVD-RW etc it either skips to the ending credits or it will only play the first 40 minutes and then skip to the credits. I am using an older version of ANY DVD and DVD Shrink 3.2.15 to burn my DVD’s if that makes a difference. I have tried using differnet types of reccomended media and adjusting the burner speed. Im using the DVD burner that came with the new laptopwhich is a TSSTcorp CDDVDW TS-L633M, firmware Version 0200. Any other ideas or help would be great

Try with DVD±R media to see if the problem persists.

I have tried using the DVD±R media and still no resolve. Can you think of anything else that would probally help?

You may be running into some structural protection schemes that have been added to the dvds to prevent copying. You should always update AnyDVD to the latest version to deal with this.

There have been some dvds in the past that caused problems for the AnyDVD / DVDShrink combination. The usual solution at that time was to rip to the hard drive with the built-in ripper within AnyDVD, then work with the movie off the hard drive with DVDShrink if it needed compression.

Newer versions of AnyDVD should make this unnecessary, but it is still a valid path if you want to try it.