DVD burning issue

So, i’m trying to get my .avi files onto a DVD. I start by using nero to convert my .avi’s to .vob and create a menu for it. I also use it to create a VIDEO_TS folder on my hard drive. Nero dosnt like to burn anymore so i can’t use that for burning. Then i use ImgBurn to create a .ISO of the folder and then burn that .ISO onto my disk. When it tries to verify the .ISO, it fails. Although hats not a big deal, that may be part of he issue. The problem is that the DVD only works in my computer, my PS2 or DVD Player won’t read it. I’m using Memorex 16x DVD’s and HP 16x DVD’s with a 16x Lightscribe DVD ± RW burner, which i believe is made by HP. Can someone either A. fix my problem or B. point me it some new (preferebly free) software to convert and burn my .avi’s.

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Your problem seems to be related to a low quality disc. I suggest to try different media because memorex are not the very best available. Try with a Verbatim or, better, a Taiyo Yuden :slight_smile:

With ImgBurn you don’t need to make an ISO image first. You can change the Output method to Burner & burn the compilation directly. It took be a while to realise that but now I do it all the time.

Better media is the answer as already pointed out. Verb +R 16x media is generally very good in most burners & easy to obtain. Burn at 12x.