DVD Burning Issue

I have a LG GSA 4167B DVD Burner, and TDK and Memorex Media.
And, I used Nero and Ashampoo to burn the Data Discs.
(The burner says it has Super Mutli, which I am assuming it supports Multisession)

Both of them start out just fine, in that they both can succesfully burn the media onto the disc.
(I have tried it with and without “Disc-At-Once” and “Finalize Disc”)

When I playback the media on my LG Burner, it works perfectically fine.
But, when it comes to playing back the DVD+R disc on another other DVD-ROM reader until then the burner, the media is unable to be located.

If I use DVD Decrypter to get the profile on the SAMSUNG DVD-ROM drive, it produces this message: http://putfile.com/pic.php?pic=12/36118110163.jpg&s=x12
When I tried to run it on some, it will say “Unable to locate Disk or It may be corrupted”

I tried on two different speed of USB Port, both 1.1 and 2.0.
And, I tried with the original Firmware DL11, and the upgraded Firmware, DL12 and yet nothing.

I heard that certain DVD Burners are unable to work with certain media, but from what others have written, LG should be able to work with most of the medias.

I was wondering if you know what the problem is, or a possible fix to the solution?

Super-Multi has nothing to do with Multisession.
Super-Multi means that the drive can burn onto -R, -RW, +R, +RW and DVD-RAM media.

Your only chance is to bitset the +R media to DVD-ROM to increase the compatibility - or using -R media instead.

Are you using that the DVD Burner only accepts DVD-R?
And, usually when the program starts burning, they will set the booktype to “DVD-ROM” but that has no effect.

The 4167 is a Multi-Burner, as described above.

If your Samsung reader cannot read such media, you should buy an actual one.