DVD burning issue with 800@822



I just got a 800A and updated to 822 so that I could get DL and 8x with -R. Anyways, I can’t seem to get it to burn on the media that I had. Here is my system specs. The media that I am trying on is FujiFilm 8x -R . I think NeroInfotool said it was a Prodisc. When I ran the Nero Speed test on this -R media, it would start up about 3.5 and then it could get to 3.9 then it would drop to like 1.9 or something then it would go up to 3.6 . I was trying to see if iI had screwed up my burner by by going from 800->822. It seems to read DVDs fine. The speed test results for reading DVD is below. Am I just using media that is incompatible with my drive or is my drive screwed up. Thanks and if anyone knows what kind of media works with this burner that would help too.

General Information

Operating System Windows XP
Firmware Version B3LC
Serial Number
Disc DVD-Video
Capacity 3.53 GB

Transfer Rate

Start 5.10x
End 11.46x
Average 8.72x
Type CAV

My system specs:

AMD 950
256 MB Ram
120 GB HD
Nero 6.6
800@822 firmware B3LC
Windows XP SP2
DVDR is on Secondary Master / No slave
DMA is enabled


Most DVD+R media should work fine.

It’s not the hottest drive for writing DVD-R…


So does my DVDRW seem to be ok and its the media ? Or you think it is my setup/driver? Also, so its just trial and error when it comes to media. Is there any sure way to know before burning.


Try B3D7 for the 800a, it writes -R much better then any 822 firmware on my 800a’s, but it’s no where near as good at +R writing. If they could combined the -R writing from B3D7 with the +R capabilities of the latest 822 firmware it would be awesome!