DVD burning issue LH-20A1H

Hi i got lite on lh-20a1h. everything seemed to be fine. Until i decided to burn some large files - 700Mb each onto DVD. Now it gave me 2 options to format DVD - live file and mastered. i chose live file cause i wanted to add more to it later. Long story short it would stop burning in the beginning of burn process and make Explorer inresponsive. To the point that i had to ‘end process’ and run iexplore to restart it again and even then it wasnt responding to anything. i couldnt open my computer…etc. SO i had to hard reset. i tried this several times thinking it was one time issue. oh no it kept happening. sometimes it even gave me blue screen !! on Vista ! i even updated firmware to LL0C and installed Smart Burn from lite on. it didnt matter. so i gave up. by the way i AM using 80 thread or whatever you call it cable and have no other cd dvd drive. And Nero that i have wouldnt burn either… i think theres an issue with inCD exe program. So i gave up. and decided to go with mastered format option which works fine. With one exception - recently i tried to squeeze some large files onto DVD and i thought i had enough space - since windows gave me no warning like other programs do. But it stalled on me again. i tried ejecting the disk by pushing outside button and it worked, but gave me blue screen saying i have a hardware issue ! when i rebooted -reset button, i still had those files ready to be written when i opened my dvd drive in my computer( you know see-thru icons ready to be written) so i deleted one to see what happens and then it showed up as if i had it on my DVD already written - right away. I went to play it - nothing. Okay so i erased the disk again and wrote the files giving myself enough space on the dvd, that went smooth as usual… but i noticed that i’m missing 1 Gb of hard drive space - exactly as much as that file that i just “deleted” was. I ran disk clean up but it didnt show me that much space in temp files… how do i find that temp file? And how do i fix my live file issue ?
Thanks for reading…

uumm sorry mistake - i had to run explorer.exe not “iexplore”

I’m not sure if i understood you well, but: you are trying to use DVD+/-RW disc as a “floppy disc”? If this is the case, then i suggest getting latest InCD version (its v5 i guess), Format the disc using InCD. After that, you can simply drag and drop files onto DVD RW and it will be automatically burned. You can do it as many times as you want. I have never had problems with formated RWs, but i never used one on Vista.

Use InCD and expect trouble.

ok how do i recover that lost space??