DVD Burning Issue - Hardware or Software? Or?

Ok guys, I am an IT major, know most computer hardware and software inside and out but I am completely stumped here. Any help here would be greatly appriciated!

The Hardware:
Notebook: Gateway 7426GX
Driver: TSSTcorp CD/DVDW TS-L532A
DVD Drive:
Optical Drive Read Speed 24x (CD) • 8x (DVD)
Optical Drive Write Speed 24x (CD) • 8x (DVD+R) • 8x (DVD-R)
Optical Drive ReWrite Speed 10x (CD-RW) • 4x (DVD-RW) • 4x (DVD+RW)

The Problem:
The dvd drive was working fine… Then… I formated my PC, reinstalled windows, reinstalled all the SAME drivers and SAME applications. Now, I can successfully burn/read a cd/cdr, I can read a dvd as well and even burn a data dvd (tested a small file). For some reason I cannot burn a video dvd. I have tried to use Nero 6/7, Easy DVD Copy, Xilisoft. These all actually say they successfully burn a DVD, but when it is complete you pop the disk back in and it says its still blank! Now you cannot copy again on the same disk so it is doing something to it. I also do notice a small data line when looking at the data side of the disk stretching about 1/2 inch from the center of the dvd. So… What is wrong here?

I was thinking hardware because of the limited amount of data burning (if it burns inside to out). But why RIGHT after I format do I notice the problems? And no errors… Says disks burn successfully… Even take the correct amount of time.

I have attempted formatting again, no luck

Hardware issue? Software issue? Driver issue? Please help!


Don’t guess you have another drive handy to try? How old is the drive and is it under warrenty?

No I don’t but I have noticed how cheap they are! I may just go buy one if I run out of options with this drive. It is out of warranty… About year and a half old. Gateway support is useless.

I have burned probably about 200 discs in the drive.

Any ideas on what could possibly be the problems before I just go off and buy a new drive? I was hoping to be able to hold off for a blueray drive… But I don’t think I can go that long! :slight_smile:

Just something else to try, might not be the culprit - if you have Alcohol or Daemon Tools installed, try uninstalling them. :slight_smile:

Neither installed…

Do you have a store near by that carries slim drives? Try one out and see.

Any other ideas?