DVD Burning Issue - Cyclical Redundancy Error


I’ve been having some problems with my DVD-R when I am copying movies. I’m using DVD Shrink to rip movies and as of late I haven’t been able to read discs. I receive the following error:

DVD Shrink encountered an error and cannot continue.

Failed to read drive “E:”

Data Error (cyclical redundancy check)

I’ve done some homework around this and there are two common responses I’ve heard:

1 – Clean the disc. I don’t believe this is the problem b/c I am getting the DVDs from Netflix and this has happened 3 times in a row.

2 – The DVD might have new encryption on it that DVD Shrink cannot crack. I’m thinking this is the case because the last 3 movies I’ve received from Netflix are all new releases. I’ve heard using software like “ripit4me” or some other encryption software might solve this problem.

Can anyone help me out?


i get this message too with other programs as well. i dont think its cuz of newer encryption schemes, cuz i get the same problem occasionally with older dvds too.
weirdly, a disc that gives me this error message on one computer will copy just fine on another computer using the same software. and vice versa. (ie., disc 1 will copy on computer b but not on computer a, whereas disc 2 will copy on a but not on b). some people have told me that some dvd writers are less likely to give this error than others - ive heard liteon and lgs praised - though i dont use them. finally, sometimes, ive been able to copy a complete disc to my hd (as opposed to shrinking it) using one of the anti-encryption programs, and then shrink it fine from there. finally, ive also heard rumors that some manufacturers create crc errors to stymy would-be copiers. hope that helps