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i’ve recently bought a TDK 440N DVD+/-R writer. Both formats will play on my dvd player, but i can’t get either formats to work on any friends or families players. I am currently using DVD decrypter, DVD2ONE and Nero. I have tried all different types of disks like datawrite, infiniti etc… can anyone please tell me what i’m doing wrong. Thank you.

It could be your media … to rule this out, try a good Ritek disk. These are renowned for their reliability and compatibility with standalone players and are more suitable for movies.

It’s also possible that you are burning to the wrong format in Nero or your version of Nero is old, which may be causing your problem.

Try updating to the latest version of Nero, either v. or Nero 6. Then make sure you are burning, using the DVD-Video option.

If this doesn’t help, post back again, giving more details of your method/procedure etc.

Hey chubzuki, how do you like that burner? It’s on sale this week and I’m seriously considering purchasing it. It does dual format, correct? Worried about your compatability issues but sounds like there might be some options.

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…one option being Copy2Dvd–which is a ‘no-brainer’ compared to Nero.

New to this forum and DVD to PC transfer so pardon my ignorance on this question: Copy2DVD, is it cheap, expensive, free trial download?

Many thanks,

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thank you very much Phil Thomas
CD Freaks Senior Member. I have updated Nero to version 6 and the problem is sorted!!! I owe you a big, big jug of beer. Many thanks.

@ Eager Beaver

Yeah … you can get a trial copy here :



@ chubzuki

Glad you goot it sorted m8 … happy burning :wink:

i downloaded a movie from a torrent file and i burned it to a dvd the dvd will play on my computer but it will not play on any dvd players i even tried my playstation 2 does anybody have an idea what i could do to get it to play on dvd players

What kind of DVD media are you using? Apologies if you know this but some players will only take DVD-R or DVD+R. Brand of media plays a role too and I’m strictly a Verbatim user without any issues. Sony DVD players will play just about anything.

What format is the torrent file in after you unpack it? AVI, DIVX, MPEG…