DVD burning help

sorry if this question has been made many times before but i wonder if anyone can help me.

I bought DVD+RW’s and DVD-RW’s and nether work on my dvd player. I think im doing something wrong. I downloaded movies from utorrent which are .avi

I then used Nero, but i didnt know what to use and the only option on nero on mine (im using nero 6) is data dvd, so i made a data DVD. and it doesnt work on anyones DVD player, please help!!

For the most part, only video that’s actually in DVD-video format will work in a DVD player (there are some players that will play other formats as well, such as Divx and/or Xvid). Unless you have one of these players, you’ll have to convert your avis into DVD-type files before you burn them onto a disc. Try using Avi2Dvd.

Since I got a mod alert about this thread, for anyone expressing concern about the forum rules regarding piracy, there was nothing in the OP’s post to indicate that the movies he’s downloading are copyrighted. Therefore, I’ll allow discussion to continue until forum rules are actually violated.

I got it also AZImmortal and I agree, there is nothing in the post that refers to copyrighted material. :iagree: