DVD Burning Help

hi i just bought a sony DRU-120 dvd/cd burner…the burner came with no installation disk just a trial of nero essentials that i didn’t install…before addint the dvd burner to my computer it has no dvd software on it…i loaded another verision of nero i had as well as dvd shrink and dvdfab gold…also loaded power dvd from another installation disk i had with another burner from a computer that is in no working order…the dvds burn completely and all they do is play on the computer when i put them in my home dvd player they say no disk…i have wasted several dvds trying to get this figured out…is there any software i am missing from my computer to be able to burn the disks to dvd and play them in dvd player like any CODECS…i have not tried to download any movies from the internet i just trying to burn from another dvd…movies have been burnt by a friend in the past and they have all worked…never had a dvd burner in computer before last week…computer also has no dvd rom either so again there has been no software on computer to play dvds…i think there is something missing but not sure what…please can anyone help me get this corrected

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What maybe missing is the finalising of the discs after burning. If this is not done then they won’t play on any other device than the one they were burned on.

so how do i correct the finalizing of disk problem?

when i burnt the dvd…it does say the disks are finalizing

Are you using media that is book type to -ROM? Some stand alone players will not play +R media.

My standalone dvd player supports both +R and -R…have had dvds burnt by a friend and they all work just not the ones i am burning keep getting NO DISK when put in dvd player…