DVD burning help



I’ve hit a brick wall in my video project at the very end. I have 20 gigs worth of media to fit on blank media. I was wondering what DVD format to opt for. My burner is a Slimtype DVD RW SOSW-833S. It is a dual layer burner and I was wondering what you guys think would be the best disc to use for standalone dvd player playback. As well as an online store to purchase the media. I am using DVD Lab Pro to compile the DVD’s and burn them. Any help would be appreciated.


20gb! you’r elooking at 3 DL discs or about 5 SL discs.

for DL do not go for anything other than verbatim…especially if you want the data to be accessible in the future!

for SL, i’d go with verbatim or taiyo yuden. there’s a sale right now on sonys at best buy. if you can find spindles that are made in japan those are top quality media (made by taiyo yuden) and are a very good choice

i’m nto sure if your burner supports booktyping (bitsetting) if it does, i’d go with a +R media booktyped to DVD-ROM. if your burner does not support it then -R would be most compatible with the widest array of standalones. (I’d test out how your burner reacts to -R DL first though since it’s newer…many burners do not yet hae adequate firmware support for it.

make sure your firmware is up to date and you should be goo dto go.


Your LiteOn should be able for booktype, you can use for example LiteOn’s Booktype Utility.