DVD burning help. Please help me

I had an .avi file and converted it with TMPGenc, then authored it with TMPGenc DVD Author, but when I go to burn it I get a message from TMPGenc DVD Writing Tool:

“Error: Media has already been written to. Cannot write to it.”

Also, when Nero tries to burn and lists required disc and current disc, current is listed as empty.

I’m using Memorex 4x DVD-R 4.7GB 120min discs.


I think it might be +R? Am I using the wrong CDs?

Will +R work on standard DVD players?

Please help me.

I did a google search on your drive, and can verify that it cannot write DVD-R discs. It can write DVD+R and DVD+RW, as well as cd-r. So if your using DVD-R, your correct, wrong media.

You can find some specs here

As for compatability with set top boxes, many can read burnt DVD+R just fine…depends on your box.

Hope this helps. :slight_smile: