DVD burning help: Is there a DVD burning "how to" available?


I really could use some help here…

I’ve been trying to successfully burn some movies onto some blank DVDs, but seem to not know exactly how to properly do this. I’ve wasted many black DVDs and I’m flat out tired of making unsuccessful attempts.

Here’s my “burning” setup:

Toshiba Laptop with Window 7

DVD Burner:

DVD programs I’m using:

  1. Aimersoft DVD Creator
  2. Express Burn Plus

Blank DVD type: DVD-

This is what I’m getting after a burn is complete:

When I insert one of my newly burned DVDs using the Amerisoft DVD Creator into one of my home pioneer DVD players: reads, opening menu appears on screen, and then the Menu screen “resets” itself after about 2 seconds of playing. Selecting the play/ enter button on the DVD player remote does absolutely nothing. I also get similar playback results with a Sony home DVD player.

When inserting a newly burned DVD using the [FONT=&quot][FONT=Arial]Express Burn Plus software, the DVD player does the same thing. Seems to play the menu/ home screen for about 2 seconds and then resets itself (just like a needle on a broken record)

[/FONT][/FONT]I have not burned the ISO onto the disc, but instead simply importing the file into one of the above mentioned softwares, setting everything to NTSC, widescreen, and burning at 8x. The file types I’ve tried are .avi and .mp4
I typically have not changed any of the default settings, as they setting I recognize/ understand seem to be all checked.

What am I not doing right and/ or missing here? Can someone provide me with some basic ins & outs on this process, as well as recommending tried & true software to successfully burns DVDs?

Thanks everyone…


Ok, right away, don’t know what your “source” files are…are they avi and mp4?

Secondly, change your software, that stuff you are using is likely junk.

Now, remember this, IMGBURN is the best burning software so download it and use it.
Yet if your files are screwed up or non-compliant, using imgburn won’t unscrew what is already screwed up.

So first, tell us what your source files are and then we can make recommendations for software.

OK, The one video/ movie I’m trying to burn is an .avi file.

I’ve currently downloaded & installed IMGBURN.

What option (of the 6) do I choose to proceed within IMGBURN?

Thanks a lot…

The next thing we need to know is if you want to keep this file as an avi file, or do you want it to be in dvd-video format? Some stand alone dvd players are able to play avi files when burned to disc as data, but it depends on the ability of your player, and it depends on the specifications of that avi file.

If you want to burn straight to a disc as is, just start ImgBurn, pick Write files/folder to disc, then click File at the top of the main window within ImgBurn. This gives you a drop down list of items, so click on Browse for a source file. When you navigate to the avi file click on it to highlight it, then click on Open.

Now your avi file is in ImgBurn. Make sure Output is set to Device.

You should have a blank dvd in your dvd burner. Set a moderate burning speed, like 8x. Make a label for the disc.

Now, ImgBurn likes to burn xvid and divx files using the ISO9660 and Joliet file system. You can set this manually, but if you start the burn and ImgBurn interrupts and asks to change to this file system, let it do so.

Click on the big disc at the bottom of the main window to start the program burning your avi file.

If you need to convert to dvd-video before burning, let us know. That will require a different program, but there are some very good free ones available.

Hello & thank you for the reply…

As for the .AVI file that I’m trying to burn, I would like for it to be burned in a dvd-video format.

I totally understand what you mean about some home DVD players being able to play .avi file as they are in the.avi file format, but I’m trying to convert/ burn the .avi into an actual DVD-video.

Alright then, you should keep ImgBurn in the system, as it is the burning program I recommend.

But for conversion of the avi file to dvd-video, I suggest using AVStoDVD: http://sourceforge.net/projects/avstodvd/
When you install it, the program will give you some options. You should set it to use the HC encoder with two passes. And you should set it to produce dvd video that conforms to your local area. In the US and Canada, we use NTSC dvd-video standard. Most of the rest of the world uses PAL specifications.

Once you have the program installed and running, click on the green + sign in the main window of AVStoDVD. This will let you navigate to where you have the avi file. If you want more than one file in this dvd compilation, click on the + sign again. You can also add a menu if you wish by clicking on the DVD Menu button at the top of the main window.

Once you have set the destination for the dvd-video output, click on Start.

When AVStoDVD finishes you can import the dvd video [B]folder[/B] into ImgBurn and burn to a disc.

If you would prefer to burn from within AVStoDVD, it will use ImgBurn automatically. Just go to Options at the top of the main window and change the setting from DVD folder structure to Burn DVD.

Let us know how it goes, having good reliable software should make a big difference.