Dvd burning freezing pixelation during playback



Hello ive been searching for help on this problem with my Panasonic DMR EH75v vcr-dvd recorder. I found a few people here with simular issue and tried them went to the site to download firmware also but when i put the cd in it said unsuport, so this probably means something else is going on. So… this is the Problem im having im recording my show from my Direct TV box onto my recorder , From there im making a copy on-to DVD-r disk but the problem is when i play them back they are very Pixel like and freeze up too.
It used to be random i could copy two or three disks fine then it would start doing this but now its every time. my machine is close to 3 years old and i use it to record a lot for homeschool purposes .
If anyone has any help id appreciate it. thanks :slight_smile:


What brand DVD are you using?


ive used Brands Memorx - Hp invent - Sony , and Imation all DVD-r. Does this matter?the worst were the sony and then the memorex. I seemed to trash a-lot of those brands I just pick what they have there i never worry about the brand


Try to get some Verbatim.
It really maters what you use as you see from your own experience.


when was the last time you cleaned it?