Dvd burning - first time pour moi

Ok I couldn’t find my product on the list, so here it is:


For some reason I am not able to move files onto dvds using this burner. The CDs I am using are - Sony DVD-R RW 120 mins, 4.7 GB. The package says they run at 1-16x, so I don’t know what the problem is.

Anyone know if I have the wrong product here?


Not sure what you are trying to do.

There are several ways of burning data to disc.
The two most common are Packet Writing & Disk At Once.

The easiest, and by the far the most unreliable and least compatible, is packet writing … otherwise known as Drag & Drop. You need special software installed, the most common is nero’s INCD. INCD must be installed on EVERY pc that you want to use the packet-written discs on. If you use a different packet writing software, then THAT software must be installed on every single PC the disc will be used on.

The second way is using Disk At Once. This is certainly the most common, and most reliable. IMGBURN is highly recognised to be the best software for this, although there are many other contenders.

Using IMGBURN (it’s totally Free, unless, like most of us you feel it’s so good & deserves a few dollars donated occasionally), you start it, click on "build disc’ and then drag and drop the files you want backed up into the little window that appears … then press burn :wink:

Dead simple.
IMGBURN will also help you copy NON-COMMERCIAL movie DVD’s, as well as burn ISO’s, which are complete images of discs, and it also supports multi-session (incremental writing of a disc during a few different times, rather than all at once).

Windows XP does have builtin support of writing CD’s only - but it’s crap - DAO only.
Windows Vista does have built-in support of writing CD’s & DVD’s - but it’s crap - DAO only.

Depending on your drive, and the DVD’s/ CD’s you use, you need to burn them at an appropriate speed. Windows just uses the maximum supported, which could cause bad discs.

Newbie Hint: The most important part of burning is to get good CD’s/DVD’s … using poor quality media is the beginning of a long and frustrating experience.

Taiyo yuden is widely recognised to be the best, and Verbatim is noted to be a reliable brand.
If you’re burning dual layer DVD’s, Verbatim is the ONLY brand which is reliable.

Good post & advice above. Just a personal note I would like to add, I wouldn’t touch INCD with a 10’ bargepole, but that’s just me. If you look in my signature, there might be some more help.

Thank you! :slight_smile:

[QUOTE=beef barley;2306754]I wouldn’t touch INCD with a 10’ bargepole, but that’s just me. [/QUOTE]
Not just you.

Packet writing generally is unreliable, and incompatible. That’s kind of a killer for everyone.

It’s a huge pity that Mount Rainier didn’t take the world by storm & get full support from every hardware & software vendor after it’s release :frowning: