DVD Burning Drive This One OR That One

hello all,

I have been reading on this site for awhile and have decided to get my first DVD burner ever. I really would like a good one, well as good as you can get for under $50. I am not really interseted in scanning. What i am really intersted in is good quality burns on DVD ± r and DVD ± DL r

These are the one that i have been looking at:

Lite-On - SHM-165H6S

Pioneer - DVR-111


any advice would be greatly appreciated

I have read the review on both the lite-on and the Pioneer, but i would like some user oppinions

thank a ton

Pioneer - DVR-111 would be the best in my choice expecially for DVD burning purpose.

This is a double (cross) posting and as such against the rules you presumably read when signing up.