DVD Burning completion problem

Lately my dvd burner has trouble finalizing jobs, it says it has compleated succesfully however when i play the movie in my dvd player im always missing a good 15-20 minutes of teh end of the movie, I am using xilisoft dvd creator, used to work good,
I have asked a computer tech and he said there is a setting in what ever burning software you use there is a setting that allows multiple files to be added on the dvd, it should be disabled, and my software does not have that option. any other suggestions? the dvd writer also has all teh up to date drivers.

Try to update the software used.

I figured it out, it;s a Little glitch in the program, before when i opened the program a error message came up, i clicked cancel and the program opened up looked normal however would not burn 100%, all i had to do is close the program again and restart it and if she had no error message a I was good to go! no biggie I cant explain why it does that but its doing the trick! good enough for me