DVD Burning, buffer goes to 0 when burning two dvd's at the same time

Can anyone tell me what would lower the buffer to zero when burning two dvd’s at once at 4x? I have a Benq 1620 and a Pioneer dvr 108. They were fine up until a few days ago. I use dvd decrypter the most. Anyways, they had no problems burning discs at the same time, bit the buffer and the device buffer were at 100% and the dvd would finish in about 15 minutes. Now the device buffer is fluctuating and the buffer is at 0, nnow the dvd’s don’t finish for about 24 minutes! Anyone know what this could be? thanks

If the read buffer is dropping, then your HD is not delivering data fast enough. This can be for several reasons, but most HD’s are at their limits when burning 2 different DVD’s at 4x. Try defragging the HD, and verify that all drives are in DMA mode.

Thanks for the response. No doubt that the drives are in DMA, and when i think about it, i think that this started right after the last time i defraged my drive.

How much free space on the drive? What fragger are you using?

I’ve got a WD 160GB 8mb Cache, there’s about 80gb free. Defraged with norton speed disk.