Dvd burning at only 2X

hi, im having trouble burning dvd’s at 8x using nero or dvd shrink. i have a Asus w2jc laptop with a “matshita dvd-ram uj-846 s” dvd drive running xp pro. specs say that the rom writes 4.7 gig dvd’s at 8x and dual layer discs at 2.4x but i am having trouble to get 4.7gig discs to run any faster then 2x. can anyone offer any solutions to this?

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Basically this problem can be due to two things:

  1. DMA is disabled. Read here how to enable it.

  2. You are trying to burn discs that are not contained on drive firmware. For example, 8x burners usually doesn’t contain information on 16x media. The only solution for this problem is a firmware update, but almost always this doesn’t solve the problem because 8x burners are not more updated, and it’s really difficult to find an updated firmware. Then the only solution is to use only 8x or 4x certified media.